It’s happening – more and more every day my sweet little baby is turning into a tyrant. Other people would call him a toddler but I don’t like to sugar coat it. We have entered the era of terrible twos.

I have had it pretty easy, other than his shrieking cry, Jax is an easy going kid.  A bit sensitive but that part is kinda cute so I can adapt to that. But I wasn’t ready for this. He is only a year and a half (18 months for you weirdos who need to know months).

There are so many awesome perks that come with having a toddler. He is learning to talk more each day, he says hilarious things, he mimics everything I say, he understands EVERYTHING I say, he can walk around on his own, tell me what he wants and finally all the teeth are in! That’s just to name a few. Just like every other toddler I have lost all my control. He wants to show me whose boss. He never misses a chance to try to assert his independence. Don’t even get me started on the sass.. Just this morning when I was dropping him off at daycare I told him I loved him. His response? “I know buhbye!” Well shit kid.

Now that he can tell me what he wants it has gotten easier. HAHAH just joking. Basically he doesn’t know what he wants. Everything is a no or a fight. Even when I do exactly what he wants me to. “Mama nana” hands him a banana then he throws himself on the floor crying…

Someone send help because I’m not ready.