They told me this would happen.

My friends, my family and my doctors all warned me. If you haven’t gone to the emergency room at least twice by the time your son is two than you are a helicopter mom. I have it easier than most. I don’t have to be a helicopter mom (even though I kinda am) because my son is a “helicopter son.” He is shy and timid. He is on the calmer more cautious side. Killian, Natasha and I are the ones that teach or encourage Jax to live on the wild side. It is actually kinda cute because he looks to me for reassurance or clings to me too  protect him.

On Saturday morning we went to breakfast with Jax’s grandparents. Before we even ordered the food everyone was trying to get him to go on the indoor playground. I could tell he was nervous about exploring it. I encouraged him to follow me up and sit on my lap to go down the slide.

Half way down the slide he tried to get off my lap. Throwing his leg over mine it got stuck on the side of the slide. Apparently baby / toddler shoes are meant to catch on anything so they won’t fall or something like that. Either way it doesn’t make a lot of sense to sounds like that would make them fall. According to the nurse at the ER you aren’t supposed to let them wear shoes on the slides like ever. Maybe I am an idiot but it didn’t even cross my mind. I know you are supposed to take their shoes off at indoor playgrounds but I was scared he would have slipped. So for all you mamas take off the shoes on indoor and outdoor slides. Walk on the mulch and gravel kids.. cause that make sense..

I instantly knew he was going to be in cast when I heard a huge crack. I tried to put him down but he wouldn’t put any weight on it. He didn’t cry right away but when he realized he couldn’t walk he was so freaked out. Poor thing probably thinks he is never going to walk again.

I brought him to peds to make sure it was necessary to get x-rays. His response to her moving anything on his right leg was clear that he was going to need a cast it was just a matter of how bad it was. He was in so much pain and so freaked out he was calling out “JAJA,” this is what his best friend calls him. The only way I could settle him down was to face-time Killian. Jax said something to him that I couldn’t understand while Natasha and I tried to explain to Killi that Jax was hurt. Killian said ” OH NO JAJA” he seriously got a tear in his eye. We all thought he was about to cry for Jax. Their friendship is the cutest thing to me.

Although we went to the emergency room before I am going to count this as the first visit. I took Jax to get x-rays, poor kid was terrified of the huge machine dangling over him. The most soul crushing part of being a mom is having to hold down your child as they ask you stop and ask you to help them. I thought holding him down for shots was bad. Well this was way worse. With shots I can kinda hug him as I do it but this wasn’t like that.

Afterwards the guy said to sit in the waiting room and wait for a call from my doctor. Which was so weird to me but it was worse that my doctor barely knew or told me anything either. It felt like they were trying to tell me as little as possible so I wouldn’t freak out.

The peds nurse told me she was going to put on a splint and that he would have a cast on for 4-6 weeks because he has a “toddler fracture.” It is oddly comforting knowing there is a name for these type of incidents on the slide. I feel like the worse mom. Strangers look at me like I’m the worst mom. They look at me like obviously I abuse my child, like there is no possible way a toddler could have done while I was watching him.

Honestly, he has been a trooper even when he’s in a lot of pain. He has such a good attitude about life. I am learning so much more from him than
I could ever teach him. It’s so bad ass that he’s going to have a cast at one. I explained to him that girls dig that shit.  I’ve never broken a bone so all this is going to be an adventure. I gotta admit it is so stinkin’ cute that he’s going to have a little cast. Most of all I can’t wait to see him walk again. Never again will I wish that for just one second my toddler can’t walk. They are meant to be free. Seriously don’t try to leash your kids they turn rabid  but that’s for another time.