I have never been much of a wine person. If I drink it it has to be white or Rose. Red just isn’t an option. Even sangria is a little bit hard for me to drink.

When Jax was younger and the weather was nicer, it was fun to go to wineries just because it was nice to get out and pretend I was a functioning human in society. Now that he is 16 months all he wants to do is run around, eat things he isn’t supposed to and climb all over everything. So winery trips have been off my radar, especially because it’s been so cold.

Last weekend my friends suggested we go. I was hesitant thinking I would barely get to sit down let alone drink wine. But it was something to do, I never just go do things with the girls anymore. I needed this. There is something rejuvenating about doing things for yourself even if the kids are there. Actually human interaction in general is. It’s lonely being a mom sometimes. Even though you are never alone, not even in the bathroom. I’m not going to lie that night and the next day I  was more exhausted but in the moment I had so much energy. Maybe it was the wine. Whatever it was I needed it.

Anyways. We went to Cana Winery. It is the cutest Winery for all the Jesus lovers out there. Plus the best part of it is the open field. It was nice enough for us to sit outside thankfully. Jax and his best friend, Killian, ran around the open field as we all drank wine.

The boys were still crazy but it felt manageable. Jax and Killian ate ashes from an old fire bit. They came back covered in black ash. Jax fell off a picnic table, slamming his face into the ground. He didn’t seem phased. He proceed to try to steal other kids balls with Killian.  They were in heaven.

Sometimes it feels like these things aren’t worth it because I don’t have the energy to do these things anymore but I need to. Right now I am the worst friend. I don’t respond to texts. Forget to call back.  I know I have said this to all my friends but as a reminder I promise I will get better. Jax will get older and I will have more time. Until then I hope you guys cherish the time that we do have like I do.