Last year we had a huge snowstorm when Jax was still a newborn. He had no idea what the heck snow was. He was barely awake through the whole thing – which had its own perks. So I was a little disappointed when winter was ending without having one snow day.

It was a little weird having a snow day in the middle of March but I finally got my wish. Jax had his first snow day! Work was closed but we had to work from home. Although I am sure we could have gone in later in the day. The daycare was open but I didn’t want to take Jax in. I wanted him to be able to play in the snow since I didn’t have that much to do for work other than one project and stay available.

There is something I am learning about being a mom. It’s that absolutely nothing goes the way you plan it. It’s like the Murphy’s law of motherhood, anything that could have gone wrong goes wrong.Today was no different, everything went wrong.

I ended up having two work related projects. Which was fine except for when you have a toddler they want to do everything you are doing. I couldn’t find his toy laptop so he really wanted to slam on mine. I found it later that night when I was cleaning up – of course. Once I was done with everything I could work on at that moment I decided it was time to make the big venture outside. The day before at daycare Jax had learned to say the word “snow.” The whole morning he had been pointing outside screaming snow. From that we both assumed he was going to love the snow. We were wrong. I picked up my son that resembled a marshmallow from winter gear and set him down in the middle of the front yard. I walked away getting ready to snap chat his exciting first snow experience. All I got was him crying and falling.

He hated the snow. 

I was a little bit confused because I thought kids liked the snow regardless of it being freezing. My kid does not. He slowly lifted up his feet freaked out that the snow was touching him. He lost his footing and his mittens touched the snow that was when he decided we weren’t going to like this at all. He sprinted to the paved driveway. Once the snow wasn’t touching him he thought it was cool again. He bent over throwing around the snow for a few minutes. That was pretty much the extent of our snow experience. The whole thing lasted about 10 minutes.

After the snow, I gave him a snack put his show back on so I could log back in at work. Jax was sitting there watching TV when all of the sudden his eyes roll to the back of his head. He fell asleep right there on the floor! It looked like he had fainted when he fell over. It could have been one of those videos on youtube. I had heard babies do this but I had never seen it. I was so relieved as all mamas know – nap time is the best time.

That was also short lived. I had barely checked an email or eaten lunch by the time he was up. He was tired, we both knew it but he wanted to fight it. The time change has really screwed up his schedule. I guess there are some good moms out there that prep for this kinda thing but I barely know what day it is.

I don’t know how stay at home moms or moms that work from home do it. I really don’t…you guys are the real MVPs. I was about to lose my mind by 1pm. Thankfully the daycare was open and the roads were fine so I dropped him off there for a few hours.

I was at the point where I felt like our snow day was a complete wash. But things turned around when I was able to nap #snowdaywins.  I am sure snow days will be different each year and I will look back hoping for a day like this one just like I am doing right now about last year. Here’s to all the future snow days. I hope y’all enjoy our bloopers.