I am really excited to be able to make my own family traditions for holidays. There are certain traditions that my family does that I want to pass down to Jax and other ones I want to create for him that I wish I had done growing up.

Our family traditions to pass down: 

  1. Going to Nagoya on Christmas eve. Nagoya, a Japanese steak house, may be out of reach unless grandma and grandpa are paying but dinner out the night before I still want to do.
  2. Opening one Christmas present on Christmas eve. My mom lets me and my sisters “pick” one present to open on Christmas eve after dinner, usually it is pajamas or something that we will do that night.
  3. Making Christmas cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve day. This is a tradition that our family stopped doing as we got older but I want to start doing it again with Jax. I hope to make a little party out of it with our friends and family.
  4. Before opening Christmas presents on Christmas morning my mom makes us put the baby Jesus in the manger in her Nativity set. Then we read the story of Jesus being born from the bible. To be honest I didn’t like this tradition at all when I was younger. I just wanted to get to the presents but now I understand why my mom wants us to do this.
  5. Having one person pass out presents on Christmas morning. This used to be my job on Christmas morning. I had to sit next to the tree and pass out presents one at a time and make sure every one got one then we would watch each other open their present.

New traditions: 

  1. I want to transform the opening one present the night before into open a Christmas eve box. It will have popcorn, candy, hot chocolate, a movie, Christmas pajamas and maybe slippers or socks. That way we can watch a movie (hopefully The Nightmare Before Christmas) in our new pajamas and have snacks.
  2. 25 books until Christmas. I intend on getting 25 Christmas books this year that I can re-wrap every year to do this. Every night starting December first he will get to unwrap one book that we will read together.
  3. Giving a present he is asking for or picks out to someone else for Christmas. As he gets older I want to teach Jax that giving to other’s at Christmas is what the Christmas spirit is all about. This year I am going to take him with me to pick out toys I know he already likes to use at our house so that we can give them to a school we sponsor at school.
  4. Seeing more of Santa. There are sleigh rides with Santa that I want to make a yearly tradition of. And of course a picture with Santa at the mall.
  5. The spirit of Santa, I read somewhere on Facebook an article about what parents tell their kids about Santa. When Jax gets old enough to know that there is no man that comes down the chimney in each house to delivery presents to kids around the world I want to teach him to become a Santa. I will explain to him that every single person gets to be a Santa when they are a certain age. Like how I would be the Santa of our house for him and that now that he is old enough he can be a Santa for someone else. He will pick a person and think of a special present to get for them but he can never tell that person that he did it.