Last year Jax was barely a month old at Christmas time. He was at the stage where he only woke up to eat or because he needed his diaper change. Sighs the good ole’ days. This Christmas is going to be a little more exciting for him. Hopefully Christmas morning will be exciting for him but it could go either way. He still doesn’t get it but he thinks the tree is cool and likes to look out the window to see the lights outside. He goes up to our Christmas tree and finds every single ornament of me and takes it off. It is so cute but he probably thinks it’s him.

This past weekend my mom and I took Jax to see the Chick-Fil-A cow Santa. There was a Santa and Mrs Claus it was actually really funny. Jax was a little hesitant about going up to them but when he saw other little boys doing he wasn’t scared. He even tried to photobomb a few pictures. He definitely wasn’t going to let either of them hold him for a picture though.



Sunday we went with my dad and sister to pick out his first Christmas tree. We didn’t go to a farm or anything fun like that because it was too cold. Of course we get there and Jax is more interested in the carts that carry the trees and the saws.  My dad tried to get him interested in the tree but he didn’t think it was cool until I showed him he was allowed to touch it.



Later on Sunday evening my best friends and Jax’s best friend, Killian, went to the mall to see Santa. I didn’t even expect to get Jax’s picture taken with Santa this year because I didn’t think he would make it waiting through the line. He actually didn’t do that bad. I had to feed the bottomless pit the whole time but what else is new. Before Killian sat on Santa’s lap I was hyping up Santa to Jax. He waved at Santa a few times and Santa even waved back a few times. But once Killian sat down on Santa’s lap it was all over. Killian screamed bloody murder. I tried to reassure Jax that Killi wasn’t scared and that it was ok but that wasn’t going to do a damn thing. When it was Jax’s turn I sat him down and he had this look on his face like “oh shit.” Thankfully that face was captured before he started crying, even though the crying ones are still funny. I guess the smiling pictures are for when they are older.

Merry Christmas from my little family!