This morning I woke up with this pit in my stomach. I used to get so excited about having doctors appointments but now every time I go into the doctors I feel like my due date is getting further away even though each day it gets closer. I am 39 weeks tomorrow, I literally have a week left. It just felt miles away. Maybe that’s my way of not getting my hopes up each day. 

My parents are worried about my swelling even though I am a lot less swollen than I have been in the past. My doctor is no longer worried about my blood pressure or my swelling since I stopped working 2 weeks ago. I didn’t want to go to my appointment today because I knew what they would say “everything looks great, you’re almost there” and of course I just had this feeling I was no more dilated than I had been (which of course was not all before). So my mom told me to get in the car and she was going with me to the appointment.

I sat in the doctors office waiting for the doctor to come in just ready for them to tell me to be patient and give me the whole “he will come when he’s ready” speech. She walked in, sat down and said “your blood pressure is so much better and your swelling has gone down a lot you both look great.” I smiled then said great trying to act like I was disappointed but I will never forget what she said next “ok times up he’s cooked do you want to let him stay in another 2 weeks or would like to be induced as early as Monday?” My mouth dropped and she laughed she knew I wasn’t scared she knew I was thrilled. 

By Thursday I will have a date on when I will be induced. I am still not dilated so instead of going to be induced at 6am I will be going the night before at 7:30pm to soften my cervixs overnight then the next morning if I haven’t gone into labor on my own they will start it for me:) 

I cannot wait to have my little boy in my arms. I feel sorta bad forcing him out and not letting him come on his own but something tells me now that he has an eviction notice he may come before then just because he wants to.

A friend of mine told me “he’s just like his daddy he’s not going to leave until they take him in cuffs.” Well Jaxy boy your time is up in hotel mommy #EvictionNotice. 

See you soon.

Love mommy.