This morning I was in line at Starbucks getting a cup of coffee and some man had thought it was his duty to tell me that I shouldn’t be drinking coffee. His exact words were “you really shouldn’t be giving your baby such an addictive and powerful drug like coffee.” Everyone in line, including me, just stared at him. I have gotten looks a million and one times for drinking coffee or eating something people thought I shouldn’t but I never had anyone especially a stranger say something to my face about it. If something was proven to hurt my baby I would never ever do it, I love my baby why in the world why I do something to harm him? It actually hurt my feelings that a stranger assumed that I would be more concerned with my needs over my baby’s needs. Plus I don’t think he would have gone three months (the first trimester) without drinking coffee, let alone nine months. The cashier had heard this man’s comment so I ended up with a free coffee. She said “don’t worry you are doing great.”

In the first trimester apparently caffeine is a no go because it goes through the placenta. Then in the second trimester you can have caffeine in moderation (about 2 cups of coffee). There have been links saying caffeine might be a cause of ADD or ADHD but those are just links not concrete evidence. Where as alcohol has been proven to have bad effects on babies and cause fetal alcohol syndrome yet pretty much every person I talk to says “ohh it’s ok you can have a glass or two of wine especially in your third trimester.” Some people have told me they drank beer too. In What to Expect When you are Expecting it says if you feel buzzed or tipsy the baby passes out in the womb until it is out of both of our systems but yeah sure go ahead have some wine make your baby involuntarily pass out.. I’m sure there are no side effects to that.

But the minute I pick up a coffee people look at me life I am Satan for having caffeine when I am pregnant. Why is that? There is nothing proven, that I am aware of, that is bad about giving your baby caffeine. If there was I obviously wouldn’t do it.

Most of the people I have talked to will say their craziest and most active kid was their first. They also will say they tried to not have any caffeine during that pregnancy and then gave up trying to not have caffeine during their following pregnancies. All the caffeinated babies seemed to be quieter. Maybe it’s just a coincidence I have no idea, but maybe it’s not. I’ll let you know in 6 months 😉 I’ve also heard from a few mothers that they have had the opposite happen to them where their wild child was the one they had caffeine with.

My best friend just had her baby not long ago, she drank caffeine. That baby is a complete dream. The nurses at the hospital even offered her soda and coffee the day after she delivered even though she was breastfeeding. They said “in order to take care of your baby you need to take care of yourself first” and “we would never give you anything that would harm the baby.”

So far since there is nothing proven I am going to sip on my coffee and enjoy my pregnancy. When/if caffeine is proven to hurt or harm my baby in any way I would/will completely hate myself for having it. Until then keep your judgement to yourself because I know what is ok or not for my own baby even though I’m only 22.

XOXO Jax’s mama