One thing every woman needs to embrace themselves for when they get pregnant is that now everyone around you feels the need to tell you how to live your life by giving you unwanted opinions and advice. Not to mention absolutely nobody respects your personal space.

Before I was pregnant people, including my parents, voiced their not so thrilled opinion of me getting tattoos. The one line that every person with tattoos is familiar with is “aren’t you going to regret that when you are old and wrinkly?” Hell no I’m not. Each tattoo I got represents a different time in my life or has special meaning for me. Now that I am pregnant people say “aren’t you going to regret all of your tattoos now that you are going to be a mom?” or my favorite “wouldn’t you be mad if your kid wanted to get tattoos when he is older?” My answer is still no. People use tattoos to express themselves and can have deep meaning to them unless it’s a silly smiley face on their ass ;).

Growing up I knew I wanted tattoos but it was a rule in my house that I couldn’t get one or my parents wouldn’t pay for my college. I tested that theory and look at me I have a college degree.

My first real tattoo was on my foot it says “Everything happens for a reason.” How was I going to regret that tattoo? That fact was never going to change. I got it because I am firm believer in fate, destiny and karma. Not a lot of people knew that was why I got it because nobody asks what it means since it’s pretty self explanatory.

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My second one came months later it was an infinity sign with “Just Breathe” written in it.I got mine before Miley Cyrus did so … she copied me. This one was supposed to be a reminder that life goes on you just need to breathe through the hard stuff. When my mom saw it I told her I got it when my dog died but I had actually got it before than to represent a life event that she doesn’t even know exists.

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My third tattoo was a lotus flower. A lotus flower is grown in murky water and rises to the top into something beautiful. It is basically a symbol of not letting the hands you were dealt impact your whole life. The Eminem song lyrics that go along with this are “Nobody asked for life to deal us with these bullshit hands we’re dealt we gotta take these cards ourselves and flip em, don’t expect no help now I could have either just sat on my ass and pissed and moaned or take this situation in which I’m places in and get up and get my own.”

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My fourth one is one of everyone’s favorites, probably because they feel bad for asking after they do. I have a four leaf Celtic clover on my left wrist that has all three of my parents last names in it and an empty one. The third mystery parent is my biological mother’s last name. I planned on putting my husband’s last name in the empty heart shaped clover but we will see what happens.

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The last tattoo I got is the one that bothers everyone! It is a scorpion on my left hip (looks a little weird now that I am pregnant lol). Nobody likes it because it’s the one tattoo I didn’t explain to many people and I’m not going to start now, except “Jack” he was a pretty big fan of it. The people who do know get it which is why they know. My generic answer actually comes from the One Tree Hill explanation of Taylor James scorpion tattoo.  “At some point in her life, she got a tattoo of a scorpion claiming that it represents her ‘paralyzing her victims’, but in reality she got the tattoo because of the story she heard about scorpions stinging themselves to death..”

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The only thing that is going to prevent me from getting more tattoos is the simple fact that I can’t afford those or justify spending my money like that when I have a baby to raise. I am definitely not done getting tattoos I still have two in mind that I am not ready to give up on getting yet.

XOXO Jax’s Mama